Holiday Prime Rib Dinner $260

Holiday Prime Rib Dinner

This holiday we are offering a limited number of already cooked, and boxed-up to go
Holiday Prime Rib Dinners.
We understand how busy many of you are, and we have had countless requests for a quality Holiday meal with
all the trimmings. Here’s the deal:
The family dinner serves 8–10 people and includes everything already loaded in a box. Our friendly baggers will
carry it straight to your car. The prime Rib will be perfectly seasoned and par-cooked. You only need to roast it
in a 350° oven for 1½ hours (for rare). Side dishes are ready for reheating. It doesn’t get any easier than this.
We are now taking orders. The entire Holiday Family Dinner is yours for .
Please give 48 hours cancellation notice. There will be no substitutions.
Pick-up is on Saturday, December 23rd and Sunday, December 24th.
No pick-ups on Christmas Day, as we will be home with our families.
What's inside the box:
Prime Rib
already seasoned, slow roasted,
and ready to eat.
1 jar of Tulelake Horseradish
4 lbs. of Mashed Potatoes
4 lbs. of Creamed Spinach
1 jug of au Jus
2 dz. Taste of Denmark Dinner Rolls
TortaBella Gingerbread Cheescake
Serves 8–10