Passionate About Food

Back in 1968, when Ed Stokes started Diablo Foods in Lafayette, he knew how much effort would be involved to establish a successful grocery store.  He had already been in the grocery business for nearly two decades. Born in South Carolina and raised in North Carolina, Ed worked as a clerk during his high school years. After he fought for the Marine Corps in World War II, he attended Cal while he worked at a local grocery store to support his young family.

Ed put quality in place from day one when he insisted that USDA Choice and Prime grades of meats would be featured, local produce and fresh fish would be delivered daily, and deli offerings would be made on site.  He assembled an excellent team of friendly and knowledgeable employees, set fair prices, required ultimate cleanliness and never lowered his standards.  Shoppers would check the windows for hand painted signs that announced the arrival of Brentwood just-picked cherries, corn or fresh local lamb.

Today, ever more local and specialty produce fill the baskets in front of our store. Expert butchers hand cut the meats, poultry and fish to customer specification. Our artisan and specialty cheese selection is unmatched locally and continues to expand alongside our delicious deli bursting with fabulous salads, cured meats, roast poultry and prepared meals. Sushi is custom created in store, warm soups are ready to be ladled, and bountiful fresh flowers are arranged daily.

Our cheerful employees are exceptionally familiar with all our products and services. More than 40% of our current employees have been with Diablo Foods for more than ten years.  They enthusiastically help shoppers find products, take special orders, offer gift suggestions and load purchases into cars.  Our customers love to “hunt and gather” at Diablo Foods, where people meet, mingle, and shop in the friendly environment cultivated by the entire Diablo Foods team.

Diablo Foods was voted the #1 specialty food store in Contra Costa Country by Diablo Magazine in 2011.  Ed Stokes and Diablo Foods were recognized as the “Best Independent Grocer” by the California Independent Grocery Association in 2011 as well.  We are passionate about food and its prominence in our daily lives and special occasions.

Everyday we set out to make our customers experiences even better!