The Cheese People

Suzanne Koplos

Cheese may be simple or elegant but it is always delicious and there is a cheese to tantalize any taste bud. We offer more than 200 varieties of cheese in our distinctive department.

Our selections include fresh local sourced cheeses, artisan and farmstead styles, and imported specialties.   For example, featured fetas come from more than 4 countries and are made with sheep, cow, and goat milks and different brine intensities.

Fresh, aged, brined, and washed cheeses made of milks from cow, sheep, goat, and even water buffalo fill our cases. With certain cheeses we know if the animals grazed on spring grass or hard scrabble brush and we can explain how that affects the flavor of the cheese.

You will also find an assortment of olives, many delicious dips, tapenades, and already crumbled, shaved or grated cheeses for your convenience.

We love to recommend food and beverage pairings, cheeseboard suggestions, serving tips, and recipe ideas. Our customers are very interested in cheese and have great questions and suggestions – we often discover new cheeses through their requests.

Come by and let’s have a cheese conversation!