The Grab-N-Go People

Socorro Romero

Everyday our talented chefs cook up delicious entrees and side dishes, prepare fresh salads and soups, and package them up in grab-and-go containers to make your life easy with fresh meals on the run. Our kitchen is super small so we work 24/7 to make all of these homemade foods.

Located across the aisle from the Meat Counter, you’ll find several types of fully cooked Risotto, Lasagna, Raviolis, Chicken Pot Pie, Twice Baked Taters, steamed Artichokes, Marinated Tri-Tip, Chicken Marbella, Breakfast Burritos, and so much more.  Grab, go, heat and serve.

We keep current with eating trends and are pleased to have added dishes recommended by the local Cambiati Wellness Program.  Tish and her cooks prepare and apportion clean food servings that support the diet and detox elements of the program.  The convenient availabilty of these items help customers stick to their goals.  We also prepare and have ready in containers many gluten free, lactose free, and wheat free selections in our Grab-N-Go section.

Keeping it easy, there are tasty salads such as Caesar, Chinese Chicken, Cobb, Greek and Spinach packaged up and ready to go. We also have fresh pizzas assembled to bake in your oven.

In a hurry, need inspiration, or just looking for something scrumptious?  Swing by.  You’ll certainly find something fresh, healthy, and tasty in this section.