The Foo Foo La La People

Connie Stokes Collier

When we find new interesting products that cause us to exclaim,   “Why didn’t I invent that, it’s brilliant!” then we know we must bring them to our discriminating customers.

You’ll discover things you’d never expect in a grocery store.  And that’s what is dubbed Foo-Foo-La-La.  It’s the awesome stuff! Kitchen gadgets, beautiful paper products, really cool cleaning tools, unique gift ideas, amazing beverage containers, gorgeous candles, and items outside common categories.

Fabulous surprises await you around every corner of the store.  Atop unlikely shelves in produce, at check-out, in the middle of aisles, along the personal product zone, near sushi, and throughout the Housewares section.  Look up, look down, look all around and find your very own Foo-Foo-La-La!