The The Deli People

Karen Crofford
Tish Mendez

Our Deli is loaded with fabulous fixins for custom built sandwiches we make to order all day long. Smoked, dry cured, and house baked meats beckon to be sliced and added to your sandwich, salad, or wrapped for a charcuterie plate.

Salami, roast turkey, soppresatta, baked ham, prosciutto, roast beef, tuna or egg salad, are ready to be stacked with cranberry, cheeses, avocado, pickles, peppers, tomatoes, crisp lettuce and condiments nestled between fresh breads and rolls.

Using the same quality ingredients available for purchase throughout the store, our chefs streamline meals for you by making favorite foods here on the premises. Tureens of hot soup simmer, waiting to be ladled out. They are located right next to our hot cases full of freshly made mac and cheese, roast chickens, ribs, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, sautéed spinach, already warm and ready to be served.

We love to put together beautiful appetizing platters for your office or party.  Flexible and reliable, we make entertaining a breeze for you.