The Produce People

Bill Fujimo
Mike Callahan

We believe produce should be celebrated all year long.  A quick glance outside the store will immediately inform you of what season it is.  We highlight the best local seasonal fruits and vegetables in the bins and stacks before the store.

Let our knowledge be your guide.  Staff is ready to share what intensity of flavor to expect, where each item is sourced from, texture differences, and handling suggestions.  We encourage customers to smell the fruit for a sense of the flavor within. We are eager to help you sample something if a taste helps inform your shopping.

The Stokes Family has long been known to hold very high standards for freshness and flavor.  We continually obtain the freshest organic and conventional fruits and vegetables harvested from local growers, and supplement those with quality imports flown directly into our local international airports for produce unavailable locally.

More people are eating at home and they are increasingly interested in the story behind the ingredients they buy and for new ideas to incorporate more vegetables and fruit into their meals.  Our produce is often identified by the farm it came from. Ask our produce people for preparation suggestions or sourcing information.

Be sure to check out the fresh salad bar and our pre-cut fruits and vegetables for your convenience.